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With Datatrack, you rapidly identify ways to reduce costs because it focuses on automating change and improving agent performance in the moments that matter.

Datatrack helped an international telecommunications company to



Customer Effort Reduced


Connecting is quick, easy and flexible. Datatrack links the interactions your customers make along their journey and seamlessly integrates with all your systems to create a single view.


Agents are given real-time, contextual information adding real value to the customer experience who will see their problems resolved faster with little effort.


The intelligent customer journey platform is an automated system that works in an instant across complex journeys. It automates in real-time, looping back into the moment with contextual data


Connecting into the journey

Datatrack links the interactions your customers make along their journey and displays a single view of your customer’s journey.

This provides contact centres with the ability to track their customers and their communications across every channel.

Single view of the customer journey

Customer journeys are often very complex and do involve multiple channels, such as email, social media, live chat, contact centres, online forms and more. Contact centres need to see and understand the full journey, end-to-end, and have the ability to be proactive and add value to the customer in the moments that matter.



Satisfying Customers

Datatrack enables contact centres to provide better customer experience in real-time and uses previous contact history to intelligently prioritise and guide the interaction.

For example, the customer will be automatically re-routed based upon effort.

Empowering Agents

We put the agent in the driving seat and equip, enable and empower them to change the way they interact with customers.

Agents receive proactive guidance with personalised messages used to target those customer journeys which were deemed ‘at risk’ or ‘high effort.



Automating Actions

Datatrack is dynamic and feeds what it has learnt back into future interactions, in real-time

Our system has an intelligent and dynamic rules engine that adapts to the many customer service challenges. Automating actions saves agent call time and reduces costs.


Datatrack already understands many of the issues a customer faces in their journey and has predetermined fixes so you can see results instantly. In new matters, Datatrack adapts to solve problems and feeds back into an automated process. This can prevent customer service problems from escalating.

DT-Real Time Data_v2

What our customers are saying

“By routing the ‘jeopardy’ customers to a specially trained team we have improved resolve rate by around 4%, improved retention by 3% and VOC scores are consistently high, despite the fact that these are the more difficult calls”
Head of Insight & Reporting
“The possibilities are endless. It’s the simple truth. It’s the solution to bridge the disconnect between what our customers want and what we could deliver. It diagnoses, then informs and powers the cure.”
Senior Transformation Project Manager​
“The only solution that gave us all the customer journey data across the entire contact ecosystem in a standardised normalised format that was reliable to use to improve our operations"
Head of Insight & Reporting​

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