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What is Customer Journey Automation?

A customer journey involves every interaction between a customer and a business. From a business perspective, a journey generally represents a transactional trail that ends with a customer purchasing a product or service from a company – from a customer perspective, a journey represents effort to solve a problem.

When looking at a customer’s journey in its full context, the journey will often include interactions with a contact centre at some point. Contact centres are a vital part of the customer journey therefore connecting all the interactions between contact centres and the web is a crucial step in understanding the full customer journey.

Most businesses struggle to deal with digital transformation in the right way. They are disconnected from the full digital experience of its customers as contact centres are often overlooked yet remain an essential part of that digital experience. Technology is needed to bridge the gap, so businesses can become truly customer centric.

Datatrack specialises in the full customer journey and connects the interactions between the customer, the web and contact centres in real-time. Our holistic customer journey automation platform reduces the effort customers must make to solve their problem quickly and easily.

As technology shifts, automating actions into the customer journey provides a way for contact centres to provide effortless, real-time customer service in a human and helpful way. Customer journey automation is a technological methodology which encourages the automation of the process of how contact centres connect and engage with customers in the moments that matter.

Once agents are empowered with real time information about their customers journey, customers will have better, effortless experiences, their issues will be resolved more quickly and your business will grow

Datatrack's Customer Journey
Automation Process

Our customer journey automation process is composed of three pillars: CONNECT | ENGAGE | AUTOMATE


Connect into the journey the customer is making with you and see all the interactions your customers are taking.


By providing agents with a holistic view of  a customer and their journey you can enable them to change how they interact to deliver a better customer experience.


Datatrack’s dynamic rules engine loops what it has learnt back into the journey in real time delivering customers more value and a quicker resolution to their problem

Provide real value to your customer's journey with your contact centre.

The customer journey automation methodology represents the evolution of your contact centre to drive effortless customer experiences. Happy customers are the fuel that will ensure your business will grow, either because their issues will be solved quickly and will then buy from you again or because their experience with you was so effortless that they bring new customers to you by promoting your product or service to their networks.

But if you produce unhappy customers by increasing the effort they take to solve their problem, that will harm your business greatly.

When your contact centre adopts the right effortless approach, you will be able to provide a valuable experience for anyone who uses your contact centre.

To have valuable customer experiences, every contact centre needs to focus on how they can reduce customer effort by contextually connecting and engaging with them in the moment. This will build trust in your brand and business growth.

Proven methodology

In this digital age, the way people connect and engage with contact centres has changed and what they expect from your contact centre has also changed.

By adopting the customer journey automation methodology whilst using the right technology, the big challenges contact centres face will be solved by allowing them to adapt to fast-changing needs within a world that is digitally diverse and increasingly complex. Customer’s experience with you will become effortless.

Supporting this methodology is a full platform of software

By combining the customer journey automation methodology with our Datatrack software, you’ll grow your contact centre by reducing cost, increasing ROI and have very satisfied customers who will return confident – and spread the love.

Using the customer journey automation methodology in your contact centre

As a contact centre professional, your goal is to connect with new and existing customers, engage with them at scale and reduce the effort they must take for their problems to be solved.

The customer journey automation methodology and Datatrack software – the answer to your contact centre problems.

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